Friday, May 3, 2013


Happy International Tuba Day! 

First, yes, it's really a holiday.  The first Friday of May is the day internationally set aside to celebrate and honor the most majestic of instruments, the Tuba!  See--here's the official International Tuba Day webpage.

How amazing is the Tuba?  Well, feast your ears and eyes on Chuck Daellenbach playing, "Flight of the Tuba Bee."

What's the range of a Tuba?  About ten yards if you have a good arm!
Actually, as with any brass instrument, it's theoretically possible to hit any note.  But the range of a seasoned Tuba player could be four octaves.  

Do Tuba's use major or minor scales?   
Neither, they use the Richter scale.  

Tuba's can use any scale as well as any key.  Certain keys are preferred by certain types of Tubas.  The BBb tuba prefers flat keys.  But there are C Tubas and F Tubas, and more!  Tubas can have anywhere from three to five valves. 

What's the difference between a Tuba and a Sousaphone?   
You hug the Tuba and the Sousaphone hugs you!

The Sousaphone plays the same as a Tuba.  It is just configured for more portability.  Sousaphones come in mostly fiberglass models and in all brass models.

Tubas are very lovable and enjoy being hugged!
A brass Sousaphone giving a hug. photo credit: Peter E. Lee via photopin cc

What's better than a Tuba?  A three-ba!
Actually, nothing is better than a Tuba.  It is impossible to find something better than perfection.

Now go out there, enjoy some Tuba music, and hug a Tuba player! 

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