Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Life Locate

So, today's poem comes out of what I've been doing for five hours each day at my two week working interview. Using, I describe the route the utility locator needs to follow so that the crews digging on site will know what's in the ground and not hit it. This is a poem in the style of a Digsafe order ticket. I'm writing to a pretty small audience (um, basically me) but that's ok. :o)

The Life Locate

Address: 29 years 9 months 15 days
Cross Street: Career Move
Location is just after the intersection on the Interview side of Layoffs. Live a life of Destiny and the Fulfillment of Promise, following a path of Obedience, then following Perseverance. At the point parallel to Decision Time, turn and follow directly to Listen. Creator requests call first to be on site at time of work.


  1. I thought you might! Your "Do's and Don't's" made me feel like I could call this a poem.