Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ode to the Gipp Farm

Ode to the Gipp Farm

Chicken butt, chicken butt
poop poop poop.
Don't get plugged up
running 'round your coup.
Don't eat the rubarb,
don't eat the peas.
Do weed the backyard
'specially 'round the trees.

Rabbit Buck, Rabbit Shy,
munch munch munch.
Breeding you should try
or you'll be lunch.
Would you like to hop out
maybe you could talk.
Please eat the brussle sprouts,
the left over stalk.

House sitter, house sitter,
look look look,
after all the animals,
then read a book.
Moisten all the seedlings,
lock all the doors.
In the fridge go looking,
what you find is yours.

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