Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Grace is a Dance


Grace is a dance
Don’t be afraid to jump in
Let your Partner lead
He won’t let you fall
He will help you stand

Be aware of others new to the dance floor
Less sure, less fluid
Allow them their space to learn
Their Partner will lead them

Don’t hold back from enjoying
your freedom of yielded steps!

Your joy may entice those
--in the dance hall but in a chair--
to take off their heavy coats of propriety
(Coats of their fathers’
who couldn’t brave the dance either)
Their oughts and shouldn’ts producing
a guilt that steals the rhythm from their feet

For in this dance there is no room for guilt
No room for shame
Your Partner’s steps lead you
into joy and peace
Trust and follow and enjoy the dance 

Inspirational sources: 
Romans 14 (whole chapter, but especially vs 4 and 23)
Acts 15:28-29
Romans 5:1-5
Oh, and I may have borrowed a lyric from Wham!, too. 

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