Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My First Published Poem!

Today, Volume 6, Issue 1 of the online poetry journal Four and Twenty was released. If you open the PDF file and go to page 22, you'll see my first ever published poem, "Cold Nostalgia"! I wrote it last October on my trip back to where I grew up in Massachusetts. I'm so excited to be published!



  1. appreciated!
    a once-ago-staunch New Englander,

  2. Hi. My name is Ms. Neenee. I have been writing inspirational poems for quite a while and am trying to finds ways to get published. I am disabled so I have limited resources.

    I saw that you have recently been published and was wkndering if you could offer any advice or leadership in getting noticed.

    I have copyrighted my collections, tried self-publishing (too expensive) and made some money selling at shows (bookmarks).

    Thanks for responding. Email jenicesanders@aol.com

  3. Thank you, Marshall!

    Ms. Neenee, I'm not sure that I have must to offer except for encouragement! What I received for being chosen for publication in 4and20 was simply that I was published. :o) I will send you an email and see if there's any concrete suggestions I might have.