Thursday, February 14, 2013

I Release You

I release you.
      The older sister outside the prodigal's banquet, I release you.
      Laborer who bore the heat of the day, I release you.
      Pharisee tying burdens on yourself, I release you.

Grace, favor, forgiveness, atonement,
    a whispered, “I release you.”
         --from your burdens, your faults, your sins,
              your perfectionism, your self condemnation.
I came to set the captives free.  I release you.
    You are free.  And being free you can rest.

I release you from your own expectations, your own standards.
    I am the Righteous Judge, and I release you.

You are my beloved, I am your husband, and I trust you.

I am not worried about your faults, failings, short comings.
    I release you.
        You can run.  You can dance.  You can delight.

I release you.
      And you are free.

For this Lenten season I am giving up perfectionism and posting a blog each day, Monday through Friday, from Ash Wednesday on February 13th, through Easter, on March 31st.  For more information, read “What Are You Giving Up?  Jesus died for me and loves me, and this is an exercise in remembering that.  Thanks for joining me!

photo credit: Toby Keller / Burnblue via photopin cc

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